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52 is committed to adding tremendous value and building successful, long term brands.

52 Launch began as a branch off from 3-time INC 500 honoree, Sourcentra Inc, a custom manufacturing and packaging company founded in 1996. 52 Launch was formed in 2016 with a mission to help businesses, entrepreneurs & solopreneurs bring their ideas/products to market in the most cost-effective way. Since established, 52 Launch has helped entrepreneurs get onto Shark Tank, HSN (Home Shopping Network), direct to retail through FB/IG advertising, and into retail stores directly or through distribution partners.

52 goes well beyond any traditional agency by offering industry insights and full turn-key service. From product design and prototyping to manufacturing and supply chain management to launching a product with a successful marketing plan, 52 Launch is committed to adding tremendous value and building successful, long-term brands.

We live by our motto:

«Success is never guaranteed but failure is not an option.»

Our team

Our team
Dan Gonyea Dan Gonyea

Dan Gonyea


Dan is the former CEO of Sourcentra, a company that specialized in manufacturing and custom packaging. He led Sourcentra to 3X Inc. 500 “Fastest Growth Companies” in 2006. Dan coined himself as an inventor of several household products that we all use today. He spends his time playing basketball. The team at 52 Launch has dubbed him the Great Senator of Maine.
Peter Drakulich Peter Drakulich

Peter Drakulich


Peter is the past president and CEO of DrivingUpSale, Inc. He has 15 years of experience generating leads, closing deals, and improving customer experience. Peter spends his time beating Dan in basketball or spending time with his family. Peter’s passion for entrepreneurship is inspiring to his teams and clients alike.
Nikki Currier Nikki Currier

Nikki Currier

Director of Marketing

Nikki has been in the marketing world for 17 years titling herself as a marketing “geek”. Nikki lives to crunch numbers, create efficiency and inspire her team to go for quality of quantity. You can find Nikki spending quality time with her family and eating at the BEST restaurants.
Luke Vuolle Luke Vuolle

Luke Vuolle

Head of Design and Engineering

Luke is a Wentworth graduate from New Jersey. Luke’s passion is product design and manufacturing. You can find Luke mountain biking with Luke Moreau, hanging out in Boston, or visiting his family in New Jersey.
Evan Johnson Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson

Marketing Manager

Evan enjoys creating engaging content and analyzing its success in this new digital world we live in. From freelancing with Dropbox to owning and selling off his own brand development company. Evan finds time to enjoy rock climbing and watching Sci-Fi movies.
Aaron  Lin Aaron  Lin

Aaron Lin

Overseas Sourcing and Production Manager

Aaron has more than 20 years of experience in the U.S. Tawain and China as a top business executive. He has helped launch new technology ahead of all competitors in industries such as; electronics, automobiles, and medical devices. Aaron enjoys spending as much time with his family as he can.
Pollyana Desa Pollyana Desa

Pollyana Desa

Marketing Coordinator

Pollyana is a Suffolk University graduate with a passion for marketing and brand management. Pollyanna specializes in working with clients to relay their brand. You can find Pollyana spending time with her adorable son or enjoying a glass of chilled white wine.
Luke Moreau Luke Moreau

Luke Moreau

Head of Product Packaging

Luke’s design history specialized in footwear working with brands such as Vibram Group and BBC International LLC. Luke’s passion for shoes can clearly be seen as soon as he walks into the room. You can find Luke recording Luke Vuolle’s embarrassing falls mountain biking or skiing. Go to Average Mountain Guys on Instagram to check out their adventures.
Mike DiSeglio Mike DiSeglio

Mike DiSeglio

Lead Industrial Designer

Mike’s industrial design history specialized in high-end luggage with Samsonite and creating toys at Hasbro. His favorite projects include designing furniture. You can find Mike sculpting, painting, and drawing creatures from his own imagination.
Sarah Foley Sarah Foley

Sarah Foley

Senior Creative Copywriter

Sarah loves writing engaging content that proves to be successful through marketing analytics. Sarah’s history of working in the buying world with TJX and as a journalist at Spectrum 1 in Worcester shows her passion for writing in the digital world of retail. Sarah enjoys light long runs and playing with her cat, Penny.
Mahsa Imen Mahsa Imen

Mahsa Imen

Senior Accountant

Mahsa comes from Iran to Iowa to Boston working as our senior accountant. Mahsa worked for Environmental Lubricant Manufacturing as their lead accountant for 5 years. Mahsa spends her time knitting, baking, and traveling around the U.S.