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Angle Surface Bracket
Angle Surface Bracket

Angle Surface Bracket

Angle Surface Bracket

The Task

The inventor had a very strong background in construction, hardware and was an all-around handyman. He experienced a personal problem when trying to set up a shelf on an angled wall, and he quickly came to realize there are many more people in the same scenario as he was. He then went to work and created an amazing prototype with his experience. However, his initial manufacturer was far more expensive than he was hoping. So he reach out to us to improve upon the design and bring the cost of manufacturing way down.

The Strategy

The strategy was to make slight tweaks to the design to make it easier to manufacture and leverage our network of manufacturers to find a more cost-effective factory.

The Execution

After the design team revised the prototype a few times, we managed to get samples from overseas that we were greatly satisfied with, while maintaining a much lower cost of goods than the client was quoted prior.

The Success

Angle Surface Bracket Grows by the day because of an incredible campaign strategy 52Launch’s marketing department tailor-made for the client. We hear stories from the inventor and online fans every day about how angle surface bracket made a seemingly useless space have a use.