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The Task

The creator brought in a rough 3D model and description of the product, but the designs were not ready for mass production. We had to work with our design team and engineers to create a design that could be mass-produced in a factory, while being as cost-effective as possible. The major complications were the geometry of the design and its electronic components that the inventor had limited experience with.

The Strategy

We went through many design iterations to bring down the cost of manufacturing without compromising the key features of Eggmazing. In addition to getting multiple quotes for materials, manufacturing, and shipping in order to make the initial product launch cost as little as possible.

The Execution

After our designers and engineers settled upon a cost-effective and quality design, mass production took place with a factory overseas that created the product and the custom packaging. 

The Success

Due to the efforts of 52Launch to make the design as manufacturer-friendly as possible, the product arrived quickly and we left the client with leftover funds that went towards marketing. Since its creation, Eggmazing has gone viral several times throughout the last few years. In 2020, over a few weeks, Eggmazing sold more than 55 million units and has gone on to cement itself in the celebration of Easter.