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Flora on the Menorah
Flora on the Menorah

Flora on the Menorah

Flora on the Menorah

The Task

The client is a school teacher and has a deep passion for making kids smile. She worried that Jewish kids did not have a fun holiday mascot like Elf on the Shelf, so she wanted to create a phone mascot for Hanukkah that would involve both kids and parents together. The task was to create a posable mascot and padded menorah that had electronic candles to be kid-safe.

The Strategy

The strategy was to design the 3 comments and learn a way to tie them all together into a cohesive holiday tradition. We sought out not only factories overseas but brainstormed items that could tie the whole package together. The electronic candles were by far going to take the longest to design, due to them needing to be safe and cost-effective.

The Execution

After dozens of designs and ideas, we settled on creating a package that included Flora, the menorah and candles, and a book that told the story of Flora. We got many quotes from overseas manufacturers before settling on one that could create each vastly different piece.

The Success

Flora continues to sell year after year during the holiday season. The client loves seeing updates of families that are having so much fun with Flora while celebrating their heritage.