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Hurt Skurt

Hurt Skurt

The Task

The idea began as a bottle koozie at a pitch event. However, the team gave the founder advice that he could repurpose the design for sports recovery devices. The task then became repurposing the initial design and working it into a stretchable textile casing.

The Strategy

The strategy was to test various materials and stitching in order to create something that would fit into an athlete’s life without being intrusive and have a positive impact. It was a complicated design due to stitching and attempting to make something that wouldn’t bunch or snag when worn.

The Execution

After extensive testing and material research, we settled on a design and a select range of colors/patterns to launch. We worked with manufacturers overseas in order to commence mass production.

The Success

Hurt Skurt had a very strong initial launch after getting in-network with many online influencers. It continues to sell hundreds of units weekly to this very day, and has done partnerships with multiple larger sports brands.