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Lava Lunch

Lava Lunch

The Task

The creator of Lava Lunch was a mom of kids who struggled with severe food allergies. Pre-made school lunches were not an option for her, and she wanted her kids to have a warm lunch while being healthy and safe. The client was struggling to find a manufacturer not only for the insulated bag but the patented Lava Rocks inside. We had to reach out to many factories overseas to find potential partners and supplies for both parts of the product.

The Strategy

We designed cost-effective designs that we then sent overseas to multiple manufacturers, in order to find the best production option for Lava Lunch.

The Execution

After a long and thorough search, we found a set of manufacturers who could do both components of Lava Lunch, then assemble them before shipping. Since it was a complicated product, we worked with both manufacturers to bring down the minimum quantity in order to complete the first round of sales.

The Success

Due to the initial success and cost-saving efforts, the client was able to place a large production order and continue to grow the product. Currently, Lava Lunch sells a few hundred units every week on Amazon and has advertisement campaigns across most social media platforms.