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Lobster Nativity Scene
Lobster Nativity Scene

Lobster Nativity Scene

Lobster Nativity Scene

The Task

52Launch likes to joke this is the craziest product pitch we ever received. One day we received in the mail a large envelope that contained some of the most beautiful drawings of small lobster nativity characters. The inventor lives in the New England area and has taken a liking to lobster memorabilia while loving her nativity scenes growing up. It was truly a task of bringing an artist’s work to life.

The Strategy

We wanted to approach this product with as much love as possible. We planned to work with designers to create ad files for the nativity scene and each individual lobster while keeping the charm of the initial idea.

The Execution

We worked with an amazing 3D designer who had a background with Disney and Pixar. He created beautiful 3D models of each lobster that were ready for their own animated show, we then took those designs and created STEP files that could be used for manufacturing. We then searched for a factory that could cast very high detail and intricate pieces. After a long hunt, we settled on the perfect factory that could produce each lobster and hand paint them to the detail we needed.

The Success

Lobster Nativity Scene is the perfect example of an artist’s dream come true. The product sells time after time on Etsy with other New Englanders, lobster lovers, nativity fanatics, or fans that want to support more projects like it. It is a piece that screams love from its design to customers.