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My Zone Blue
My Zone Blue

My Zone Blue

My Zone Blue

The Task

A very smart couple came to 52Launch with a great freeze-dried pet food formula. They were looking to be connected with a manufacturer and to get help branding their product.

The Strategy

The strategy was to learn what factories could make the pet food as cost-effective as possible while keeping the promise that all the ingredients are natural and fairly sourced. In addition, test multiple packaging designs not only for branding but also for how long they would keep the food fresh.

The Execution

After an extensive search and verifying the quality of multiple factories, we finally settled on a manufacturer who could create the food and the packaging at the same location in order to bring assembly and transportation costs down. This meant that the initial cost of goods was brought way down and allowed the creators to start their business much quicker than if they went with their original factory quote.

The Success

My Zone Blue continues to sell its product to pet lovers far and wide. The owners are frequent guests at farmers’ markets and pet-related events trying to share the passion they have for healthy and safe pet food.