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The Task

The idea of SleepyTie came from the founders of PARLR. They came to 52Launch to create a product that would help to preserve women’s hair after their salon days and blow-dries, so they can wake up the next day and look salon-ready. It needed to work on different hair types and lengths while being made from good quality materials.

The Strategy

The plan was to test potential materials and similar items in the space. From there, the design team could create an innovative product that consumers were actively searching for.

The Execution

The design team tested many different materials, stitching, and construction before sending the prototypes overseas. After an extensive sampling process, the final design of SleepyTie was settled upon. We then got multiple competitive price quotes in order to bring down the cost of goods as low as possible before choosing a factory.

The Success

SleepyTie was a massive success due to a great quality product and the marketing team at PARLR Brand Studio. The product was completely sold out before it even arrived and they continue to sell daily.