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The Task

Build Social Media assets and generate some social buzz.  Find a new manufacturing partner so client would have comparable pricing and redundancy in the manufacturing process.

The Strategy

Become incorporated into the Yard X culture and brand.  Create relevant content in and around homeowner’s property using the Yard X with ease and speed.  Understand the manufacturing on Yard X and how it can be improved through design changes that make it more cost effective for shipping.

The Execution

Created over 120 organic active pictures displaying the multiple usages of Yard X.  Posted all 120 pictures over the course of 120 days. We stay actively engaged with the audience and reached out to influencers for opportunities to form affiliate relationships.  Suggested design changes w/o compromising quality and aesthetics that would allow Yard X to be shipped for half the shipping cost the current design ships.

The Success

Client has an organic, strong, engaging and loyal following.  Secondary factory on stand by ready to jump in to manufacture as volumes increase.